Why A Sewer Scope Inspection is Important

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February 29, 2016
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Why A Sewer Scope Inspection is Important

Sewer scopes are cameras that are specially designed to go through sewer and drainage pipes in search of damage, obstructions, weaknesses, signs of future problems and more. Sewer scoping is a popular service for people who are looking to buy a house, but there are many reasons to use sewer scoping whether you’re buying a new house or need repairs in your current residence.

Benefits for Potential Homeowners

There’s nothing quite as frightening as purchasing a house and finding out that it has a major problem with it. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars can go down the drain due to necessary repair work that was overlooked before purchase. Calling for a full sewer scope inspection before you decide to buy a house can help prevent accidentally buying a house with severe plumbing and sewer issues. Remember, unless the problems are obvious from the exterior, a regular inspector is not going to notice sewer problems, and previous homeowners and realtors may not even be aware that the problems even exist. Scoping out any current problems and signs of future issues will bring you peace of mind when deciding on the purchase.

Current Residence in Need of Repairs

On many occasions, problems with sewers and plumbing are apparent from either within or outside of the home. Some of the more obvious issues include backed up toilets, sewage runoff flooding the basement or seeping out into the yard and leaky pipes. Even if you know what problem you have in your sewage system, pinpointing the source and eventually fixing it can be very destructive and costly. Using a sewer scope can pinpoint the problem and allow for precise repair work with little to no demolition or damage to the home or yard.

Additionally, sewer scopes can easily locate precious lost items in pipes such as jewelry and retrieve them easily instead of simply accepting that they’re gone forever.

Regular Maintenance

Having a sewer scope inspection performed on your plumbing is not a very frequent form of maintenance, but it is incredibly beneficial to have done every five years or so. Roots, animals, temperature damages, rocks, hard buildup and much more can all occur in just a few years or so, and they can create massive problems if left alone. A sewer scope inspection can spot these issues before they become serious, allowing them to be rectified before major repair work is needed.

Business Benefits

When it comes to plumbing and sewer problems in a business, there is more at stake. You might not only have to close down for a few days to get the plumbing fixed, but the damages resulting from these issues as well as the necessary damage needed to access and fix the problem can prevent businesses from operating for days or even weeks while everything is sorted out. Not only does this greatly cut into your profits, but your employees lose valuable wages that may negatively affect their lives. Using a sewer scope, the amount of downtime and loss of profits can be minimized. In many situations, the inspection and any necessary repairs do not even affect daily activities.


Sewer scope inspections are a quick, cost-effective and easy way for potential homeowners to evaluate the state of a house’s plumbing, current homeowners can pinpoint existing and future problems while minimizing the financial impact and damages from repair work, and business owners can keep their businesses running smoothly without shutting down for elaborate inspections, repair work, demolition and structural repairs. A sewer scope inspection now may cost a few hundred dollars, but that is nothing compared to the thousands of dollars in future losses that could have been avoided with a thorough inspection.


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