Tankless Water Heater vs Standard Water Heater

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November 23, 2015

Tankless Water Heater vs Standard Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater vs Standard Water Heater

Hot water flowing through the home’s plumbing is a luxury many people take for granted until chilly showers become a normal occurrence. Today’s hot water heater appliances are more than just the standard storage tanks, however. In some cases, residents can have almost endless hot showers if they choose the right system for their home. When households care for their system with consistent water heater service, almost any appliance can last for 10 years or longer. Residents must simply choose between the two most popular appliances today for their water heater installation Portland: a standard or tankless water heater.

Never Run Out of Hot Water

When residents choose a tankless water heater installation Portland, they will never run out of hot water. Tankless technology heats water flowing into its system on a consistent basis. As long as the water isn’t cut off from its municipal source, residents will continually have their hot water supply. In contrast, tank or standard heaters will eventually run out of water until they can refill their internal components. These appliances must warm the water over several minutes or hours to achieve the proper temperature.

Significant Life Expectancy Differences

Even with frequent water heater service, tankless and standard water heaters have starkly different lifespans. After a professional water heater installation Portland completes his or her work, a standard appliance may only last about 10 or 15 years. On the other hand, tankless technology offers around 20 years of reliable service. This lifespan difference is due to water corrosion. Storage tanks are literally breaking down over time from water’s corrosive nature. Tankless appliances simply don’t hold the water long enough to see extensive corrosive effects.

Energy Efficiency Comparison

Most residents are usually concerned with energy efficiency in regards to their water heater installation Portland. Generally, they want their hot water to cost as little as possible. Standard heaters must constantly warm the water until it’s used at the household’s faucet heads. Although these tanks are insulated, they will lose heat over time and require extra energy to keep up with the household’s water demand. Tankless appliances only warm the water when the household requests it, so the associated energy costs are relatively low.

Parts Replacement

Tankless appliances offer simple water heater service calls for residents, including part replacement. In fact, these appliances can be worked on multiple times to keep them operating at peak performance standards. However, standard water heater service calls are usually more expensive with fewer parts that can be replaced by professionals. It’s possible that a water heater installationPortland might be necessary for these tanks when major malfunctions occur.

Installation Ease

Residents who choose a tankless appliance will notice a significant difference in labor costs. These appliances aren’t as difficult to install as tank types, for example. Even water heater service is usually cheaper for tankless technology, so residents must compare all costs over the course of the appliance’s lifespan to make an educated investment for their home.

A water heater installation Portland doesn’t have to be an expensive experience when residents select B&G water heaters as their primary water heater service technicians. They offer both installation and service calls at reasonable prices to help any household with consistent hot water supplies. In the end, hot water simply makes life more comfortable when taking a shower, running the laundry or washing the dishes.


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