Preventing Cold Weather Damage To Your Water Heater

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December 30, 2015
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February 29, 2016

Preventing Cold Weather Damage To Your Water Heater

Preventing Cold Weather Damage To Your Water Heater

While frozen pipes are something that everybody thinks about during the winter, cold damage to a water heater itself is actually a common issue as well. Water heaters can be susceptible to cold conditions for a number of reasons.

Watch For Leaks

Watching for leaks in your water heater, even small ones that are barely noticeable, is the first thing you should do if you want to ensure that your heater will not be damaged during the cold. Leaks can affect your heater unit directly, as well as cause damage to the areas around it when water is allowed to seep into walls, floors and other important structural components of a home.

Keep An Eye Out For Rust

If you notice that there is rust present in your water heaters, then this is another sign that the unit could be at risk for cold damage. Rust being found inside a water heater indicates that there are likely cracks in the unit somewhere. The metal of your water heater could be warped, cracked or bent, and you need to locate where those things are taking place. If you are not able to locate the damaged areas of your water heater yourself, you should consult with a professional contractor who could find them for you and inform you of your options going forward.

Getting Regular Maintenance Checks

The biggest key to ensuring that your water heater is performing well throughout the cold times of the year is staying on top of regular maintenance checks. As long as you find problems early, there is no reason why any issue you may encounter cannot be remedied quickly and with minimal damage to your heater.

Replacing An Old Water Heater

It is worth keeping in mind that if your water heater is old, it may be a worthwhile investment to replace it altogether. This is oftentimes a better solution than repairing an old water heaters that is using outdated technology and has acquired years of regular wear and tear, and is the surest way to eliminate the possibility of any downtime in your hot water system.

As long as you keep these basic things in mind, you can feel good about the well-being of your water heater during cold weather conditions.


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